80’s Clothes For Women For party

80's clothes for women

80’s clothes for women


Themed parties are very popular and fun. You may be invited to the party themed ‘ 80s and don’t know what to wear to the party. Use these tips to revive the appearance and feel of the 1980s are fun and cool, so you can adapt or even become the talk of the party!!
1. Shape up your clothes. Years of the ‘ 80s were a time of experimenting with a wide variety of styles. The style of the brides tends to be big on the top and small at the bottom. Oversized shirt is usually combined with a mini skirt or tights or pants leggings.
  • If you have an oversized Sweatshirt dress, cut the neck of the shirt so that the clothes hang in one of your shoulders will give the appearance of a more ‘ 80s. Wear a tank top or sports bra with it, and preferably a light-colored.
  • If you don’t have a boss that is oversized or subordinate to strict, try looking for itin Your parents ‘ Wardrobe (they might even have the original clothes from years 80 ‘s). Sistersister you might have a tight clothes that are too small for you that you can borrow as a subordinate to your costume.
2. Find or make a shoulder pad. Shoulder pads were extremely popular for women’s clothing at that time. The larger the shoulder pads, the better. If you don’t have a shirt berbantalan shoulder, try entering some sort of shoulder pads into your shirt.
3. As contrasted colors. Most of the perpetrators of the ‘ 80s fashion using a combination of bright and bold colors. Neon colors are very popular.
  • Match Your subordinates and superiors and add a contrasting color surprise. For example, trousers and tops, electric blue can be affirmed with his belt and Earring length is yellow or pink light.
  • Contrast light colors you. If you don’t have a costume with a matching color, you can also wear the colors of different bright colors together. Try to combine three or four different colors but brightly colored.
  • Bright colored Stockings can be worn in a mini skirt and leg warmers with stacked with different colors.
4. Try appearances punk ‘ 80s. Another way is with a punk-style ‘ 80s, most of whichwill involve black and denim.
  • Wear a minimum of two different denim. The men in those days usually wore pants denim mixed with a denim jacket. The women in those days wore a denim miniskirt that is combined with a denim jacket. Men and women usually wear leotards in the denim jacket.
  • Combine your denim and lace. The appearance of the classic years of the ‘ 80s is a Lacy top combined with faded color denim pants or denim miniskirt. Fabrics that have a striking difference is the main characteristic drastically style year ‘ 80s.
5. Wear sportswear. Sports clothes were also popular in the 1980s. However, the sports clothes of years ‘ 80s tend to be much more appropriate than the modern sportswear.
  • Sports Pants and a matching jacket bulging and combined with sneakers can be the appearance of the year 80 ‘s was perfect. Although this outfit may be difficult tofind, the setting of the blade or sport beledu velour apat is used.
  • Another way to wear sports clothes years of ‘ 80s fashion look is with women’s sports iconic ‘ 80s: Leotard, tights, leg warmers and. It would be better if all the light colored contrast.
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