Clothing For Plus Size Women

clothing for plus size women

clothing for plus size women

Choose clothing for plus size body is indeed a bit challenging. Clothes that are too narrow will accentuate the folds of fat in the body. While if it is too loose, the bodywill look bigger. For female-bodied solution, plus size needs to pay attention to the selection of materials and a precise fashion motif. But don’t also too scared to play and appear attractive. Check out some tips mix and match for a big-bodied women

1. Material selection

According to Stephanie Yucky, designer brand clothing plus size special X to X, the selection of material for the fat lady is the important thing to note. Because most of the material of the clothes can make the display look is getting full. Because the fat lady fast tend to sweat, look for clothing with materials that easily absorb perspirationlike cotton or jersey. But don’t be too thin because it can quickly RIP. Avoid rigid materials such as Shantung silk, satin or shiny materials, because it will make the body look increasingly wide and ‘ heavy ‘.

2. Polka dot and Stripe Motifs

Many large-bodied women avoid motifs such as polka dot or line. Actually do not be afraid to wear clothes like this origin closely in his election. Look for clothing withpolka dot, stripes, or interest which is not too large. A great motif forms the illusionthe body increasingly wide. If still worry it will look fatter, choose outfits patternedwith dark tone is more dominant.

3. Mix and match

If you already wear wear loose tops, put on a skirt or pants that are shrinking in the bottom. For overweight women, it is meant to look balanced. Avoid wearing superiors and subordinates who are both equally loose or tight as it will seem increasingly like width or narrowness.

4. Disguise the stomach, thighs, and hips

For women who want to cover the stomach or thighs are great, can wear a skirt or dress with a-line. As for the appearance of a slimmer hips can wear a canal which hasa side panel black or princess line. Or it could be also used the Canal with blouson detailing (rubber or wrinkle) at the waist or add a belt great for disguising the abdomen.

5. Create to Tailor

For those of you who don’t find clothes that fit in the market, make it yourself to tailor could be an alternative. Yucky suggested that large-bodied women ensure that clothing is sewn with double stitching and meticulous in choosing the appropriate materials.
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