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gym clothes for women

gym clothes for women


How To Choose The Right Clothes For Ngegym?

Leaving the gym not complete if not accompanied by clothes and tools accordingly.Not just a matter of style, choose clothes for ngegym cannot be indiscriminate lho, Ladies. Clothing ngegym good will, free up gestures as well as respiratory and support the members of the body well.
How the heck do I choose the right clothes for gym, stylish but still good for health? Let’s follow his tips, such as that offered by the following:

• Material

Choose clothing material cotton or blend with 100 percent cotton. Cotton comfort the skin to breathe and have a good air circulation. In addition, cotton will absorb sweat so your body feels cool and comfortable.

Flexibility of the fabric

Elastic fabric (can be stretched) can make you more free moving. If you choose a shirtwith elastic rubber, make sure the rubber parts are not too tightly attached to the body.


Select clothing gym with bright colors if you exercise outdoors. Dark colored clothes will absorb heat, resulting in a sense of heat in the body.


For women, bra for ngegym ideally laced width so as not to cause injury to the shoulder and prop up the breast better. No matter whatever the size of your breasts, don’t wear a tight bra. Select a material that can absorb sweat and have good air circulation.
Well, with attention to materials as well as good models, you not only get to appearcool while ngegym. But also for the health of your body. Let’s workout, Ladies!
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