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Tips On Wearing Black Without Looking Like Grieving

Wearing a black shirt it’s fun. Presenting the impression trim, elegant mysterious simultaneously. However, if wrong, then combine that will make you a tub of people who were grieving. In fact, the intention in the originally kan wants to give the appearance of unsightly.
How to keep black color look beautiful subject and gives the appearance, this is the trick:

Keep it balance!

It is important to make clothes that you use fixed balance. Avoid wearing all black multi items at once. At least for the inner, accessories, or shawl you can choose the colors that match are combined and it gives more life to shades of this color.
To give the appearance of glamour, you can also combine that with accessories.

Layer it up!

Wearing a piece of clothing black color only is indeed lacking balance. For that, create a feel of the layer with combined that use other fashion, e.g. combined with a vest, jacket, shawl or a blazer.

Platy texture

If you intentionally want to appear black, then you must combine the texture of the fabric. For example, denim material combined with lace, satin or faux fur.


Select asymmetrical the cut so that black retains a touch of different textures. Sometimes also saw a little part of the body is also sweet, but by no means vulgar side accentuates the Yes.
Select skin
Make more glamour is black color by choosing the latter. Apply this material anddimix with spandex so it gives the impression of more casual.

Optimize with accessories

Make the color black to glamour or casual, just add accessories only. Want to give the impression of glamour, choose Accessories blingbling, while to make it appear casual select accessories made from nature such as wood or stone.
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